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for such cruddy drawings it was surprisingly funny

x-icicle-x responds:

I'm not quite sure if thats good or bad... :P


I feel bad to blam this as I just put my first flash up to little reward...

however this is just average (I hate stick people) even if you can't draw, a crappy character is more fun to look at than a stick man..

cool swooshy letters though


Yeah, that was kind of dull...

does anyone really give a rat's arse if Xtina Agorilla's nips are pierced?


despite the fact there were no tits in it..

THAT WAS A CUNT BATTERINGLY FANTASTIC BIT OF FLASH!! ...and see if you can spot the bloke from 'one foot in the grave' in it...(he's there)

that was pretty crappy....

im not gonna go slating it because of all the religious stuff involved (get a life you bible bashing little freaks) but people seem to be forgetting that underneath it all....

this is pretty crappy flash!

and by the way, tell your mate with the dodgy beard that if he drinks any more cokes, he's gonna have a heart attack at thirty ( the fat fuck)

hehe.... "Banana Phone!"

Yeah, it looked terrible but apart from that cracking stuff...

Nice to see a bit of black humour that's actually funny (no Fresh Prince doesn't count) Im curious though as to how you actually discovered that fucking awful song?


Well, I'm fucking hooked as you can tell by my rating. The funny thing is he had the cheek to let you see it again afterwards...

Fat Jedi, what a hoot!

Classic, a fat bastard Jedi. Tell me why would two jedi knights be scrapping in a lounge? Not bad. The lightsabres could be better though.
It was fucking funny though because of the fat kid. Lard Wars more like. I thought it was extra funny when he got force pushed and went back about 10 inches. he's that fucking fat!

What the fuck?

It takes me back to the days where you'd be watching TV late at night and some fucking scandinavian cartoon would come on, and you'd be all GREAT! A cartoon! And instead it would turn out to be 20 minutes of black and white claymation of an old man crying....
Give me the fantastic four or give me death!

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